New products!

New products!

Posted by Sonia on 9th Dec 2022

This year for Christmas, I wanted two spaniels to offer more. I figured out bandanas were great, but why not have a few more stocking stuffers for your loved ones. The first item is our keychain. Ok I loooooove this product. I literally cant leave my house without it anymore. Ever since I've had this keychain I havent lost my keys ONCE. The size of the keychain is great because its quite big, without being obnoxious. Here is an attached photo.

The second little extra is our christmas bow add on! This is available on all our christmas bandanas and can be done in red or white! Whatever you prefer. The idea came to me because as some of you know, Winston was kind of given to me by my parents (as in we split the price halfway). So I always thought he was the best gift ever, and thats when it came to me. Why not make him look like the present he literally is? I know most of you agree with this belief that dogs are the greatest gift of all! So lets dress them up & give them a bit of something extra for the holidays.

Here are the bows in action.

These are a $5 add on and honestly I love so much I think this should be an option for Valentines. PS, did you know our valentines day collection is already in the works? I'm trying to make the entire collection myself (drawing up all the patterns, so let me know if theres anything you NEED on a bandana for that time of year. I'd love to make your dreams happen).

Since I've been doing more markets recently, I've been hearing so many people saying that their dogs dont like bandanas. So in order to try and make all dogs out there fashionistas I figured why not make a smaller accessory for those pups. One they cant feel (or at least barely). Introducing our Bows!! The idea behind these were cute lil headbands I used to wear in high school. I figured with an accessory this small, it would hardly be more than a collar, and what dog hates collars?

Annnnd last but not least is our newest release. Our Christmas ornaments. Listen I've been obsessed with Winston & Maeby ever since I got them and I loooove adding their names onto anything (apart from bandanas tbh, not super into that). So I figured why not add them to our Christmas tree. Our ornaments will be available for purchase effective December 9th at 4pm EST. You'll have two options for fonts. Either Snowflake (the capital letters with little snowflake cutouts great for something bold) or Cursive (an elegant font for those classy pups out there). So excited to make these. Every order of this will have FREE shipping & will ship the next business day. 

I hope you all loved these products as much as I do. Let me know what your faves are!