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Market Recap

Market Recap

9th Dec 2022

After my first summer doing two spaniels co as a side hustle, I quickly realized I LOVED selling in person. This is so unique to me, someone who previously had only sold online. I wasn't quite used to seeing people interact with my products in real life, previously it was all online. Such a different experience.

This year I did four markets. Heres a recap on each.

The first was Doggos summer pop up event in downtown TO. This was such a fun one, I got to meet soooo many of you and I had some help from my mom! The highlight of my day at this market was definitely the sushi I got to eat & some visits from ambassadors, friends & followers. You guys make my heart so so full. Also Winston came to this market so that was a plus.

Robbie visiting my booth.

The next market of the summer was on the tie cats field which was so cool. This market wasn't the best due to the fact that it was one million degrees, I felt nauseous the entire time & no doggos were allowed :(. I made some great connections and it was nice to be in my city.

Because I felt so off all day I didn't get many photos. I still loved this market though and thought it was so cool to have a market at a sports field.

My next market of the year was at the West Avenue Cider house with the bark at the moon rescue. This one was just so chill. Maybe it was the crisp autumn air or the drinks in everyones hands, but something about this market just hit different. I loved the atmosphere here and it was nice to have proceeds going to such a good cause. 10/10 recommend & would do again.

A nice part of this market was the location, it was so nice to be in a location with space between the vendors. It allowed us to all do our own thing & gave the dogs some room to run around & play. I also got some help from my best friend which was amazing!

The next market I went to was hosted by the amazing side hustle events at Grain & Grit in Hamilton. This was so much fun and I got some help from my wonderful bf & my mom who was visiting once again. This event was part of their dog day & every vendor was dog oriented. Its always nice to go to events where you know theres going to be dog people, bc weirdly enough not everyone likes dressing up their doggos. This event was great and I got a chance to sell some discounted Christmas bandanas & new ones from this year. I also got to meet some small businesses that I follow on Instagram & look up to which is always great. The downside of this event was that I wore a dress?! Silly me, it was freezing that evening.

Unfortunately the next market I was supposed to attend was cancelled due to the weather. I was SO sad about this, it was supposed to be at a tree farm, HOW CUTE. The vibe would have been perfect I would've literally been in a hallmark Christmas movie. (basically) 

The market after this was another super chill one at Flux Brewery in Scotland. This was intimate and indoors which was nice because it was in December so I got to be warm all day, thank goodness. At this event I got to connect with so many people despite it being a short market. The food was bomb too so I loved every snack I got during the market. 

Overall these markets were all SO great for so many different reasons & I cant wait to sign up for more in 2023. If you have an event and need vendors HIT ME UP. I'd love to join!